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Security Technologies

The Security Technologies Shop has over 40 years experience in security technology applications. Technicians and locksmiths are responsible for the installation and repair of access control systems, intrusion and panic alarm systems, and CCTV cameras. They also provide installation and service of door hardware and maintain the university's master keying systems. All technicians are factory trained and certified on all products installed.

The Division of Public Safety's goal is to have an environment in which every building throughout the university is secured and monitored from ONE central 9-1-1 Communication & Dispatch Center. This would allow buildings to be locked-down or the response time to emergencies to be drastically reduced. To achieve this heightened level of security and safety the DPS would need the cooperation from all departmental stakeholders to recognize their role in the security process. The DPS encourages evaluations of each department and facility to continue the process to a safer Rutgers community for all.

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Locks and Keys

Supply keys and locks to university buildings and property. Building and property keys can be obtained through the key coordinator for each university building. Go to Building Access for more information.

Intrusion & Panic Alarms

Install and service electronic alarm systems. Remote monitoring is provided free of charge through the RUPD 9-1-1 Communication & Dispatch Center.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Install and service CCTV systems that provide on-site viewing and recording, or authorized remote viewing capabilities. CCTV systems can be monitored by the RUPD 9-1-1 Communication & Dispatch Center.

Service and Support

Factory trained and certified technicians are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure systems stay operational. Annual service agreements keep your systems up-to-date and worry-free.


We are able to install and monitor your security systems at approximately one third the cost of standard industry pricing. Cost depends on equipment needed. Flexible financing options are available. For more information please contact the Security Technologies Group at 848-445-4956.

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